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Robert Lynn Batts


Appointed by

Governor Moody

Chairman Term






Date of Passing

May 19, 1935
U.T. Student


Robert Lynn Batts

  • Abstract of Title of Lands of San Benito Land and Water Co., and of Sam A. Robertson in Concepcion de Carricitos, Cameron Co., Texas. Austin, Texas, 1909.
  • Address of Dedication / address delivered at the dedication of Waggener Hall, April 15, 1932. Austin, Texas, 1936.
  • Batts' Annotated Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, 1895. Austin, Texas, 1897-1899.
  • A Civil Digest of the Texas Reports. Austin, Texas, 1900.
  • Corporation Laws of Texas. Kansas City, Missouri, 1913.
  • The Law of Corporations in Texas, as Contained in the Latest Statutes and Session Laws, and as Interpreted by the Highest Courts. St. Louis, Missouri, 1902.
  • The New Constitution of the United States / presented at the meeting of the American Bar Association in Boston, Massachusetts, 1919.
  • Some Writings. Austin, Texas, 1935.
  • Victor Brooks / address delivered at the Elks' memorial service Dec. 5, 1925.