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The Honorable Wilmer St. John Garwood

The Honorable Wilmer St. John Garwood


Appointed by

Governor Connally





Date of Passing

January 15, 1987

NAME: Wilmer St. John Garwood

OFFICE ADDRESS: 1009 Capital National Bank Building

HOME ADDRESS: 1802 San Gabriel Street, Austin, Texas

BIRTH: December 15, 1896 Place: Bastrop, Texas

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Sacred Heart, St. Thomas College, Bamet School (all in Houston)

JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS: Barnet School (Houston); Georgetown U. Prep. School (Washington, D.C.)


Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.), A.B. Degree received in 1917

Harvard Law School, LL.B. Degree received in 1922

PROFESSIONAL RECORD: See Who's Who in America, Vol. 1962-1963; 1963 Martindale-Hubbell Lawyers Directory, Vol. III, p. 5815 (under Graves, Dougherty, Gee and Hearon, Austin, Texas)

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Episcopal, St. David's Austin

SPOUSE: Ellen Clayton Garwood (eldest daughter of the Hon. William I. Clayton, former U. S. Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs and founder of Anderson, Clayton & Co., cotton merchants

CHILDREN: W. St. John Garwood, Jr.(with law firm of Fulbright, Crooker, Freeman, Bates & Jaworski)

Wllliam L. Garwood, Austin (firm member of Graves, Dougherty, Gee and Hearon)

HOBBY: None in the usual sense. Nowadays my hobby is a lot of "Good Causes"

SPORTS: Actively none. Enjoy watching all. Used to be fair tennis player, poor golfer, good horseman, fair hunter and fisherman. Lightweight boxing champion at Georgetown College in 1915


The appointment of the Honorable Wilmer St. John Garwood was rejected by the Senate on February 19, 1963.