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Amandeep Sra Profile Photo

Dr. Amandeep Sra

Senior Lecturer III

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

UT Dallas

As an educator, I always contemplate on how should I guide my students to make them realize their full potential. My motivation comes from the daily successes I have each day interacting with them. Teaching to me is also an exciting process of learning about diverse new ideas by interacting with an entire community of students and colleagues. The driving force for all my endeavors is to connect with my students in a way that is a lot more than being just a good facilitator of scientific knowledge. Most significantly, I value serving as a mentor who students feel comfortable with sharing their challenges and successes.

Amandeep Sra is a Senior Lecturer II in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Texas at Dallas. She grew up in India and received her Ph.D. degree at Bhabha Atomic Research Center. She also holds bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Mumbai (Bombay). Her research interests has primarily been on synthesis of novel nanomaterials with a wide variety of applications ranging from magnetic materials to developing anodes for lithium ion batteries. Sra has been teaching freshman and sophomore chemistry lectures and serving as the lab coordinator for freshman chemistry labs. In addition, she works closely with Student Success Center (SSC) peer-led programs in the role of a faculty liaison and summer camp facilitator. As an instructor, her goal is to prepare her students to think independently, work collaboratively, and overcome challenges. She also participates at the national level with the American Chemical Society Examinations Institute that produces standardized exams for General Chemistry. She is very passionate about teaching because she gets to influence the most important thing in the world, the minds of young people.