Regents' Outstanding
Teaching Awards

Suzieann Bass, MAEd, MBA

Assistant Professor

School of Health Professions

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

It is by breaking down the barriers to learning that students can face their own misconceptions.

Involving and motivating students takes individualizing learning to create an open and comfortable classroom environment where students can feel free to ask questions, make mistakes and challenge themselves. By breaking down the barriers to learning, students can face their own misconceptions. Through teaching, I dedicate myself to challenging, inspiring, breaking down misconceptions and developing the minds of my students to achieve their goals in life. My professional life is filled with discovering new ideas and strategies to incorporate and improve my teaching, ensuring students are actively learning and inspiring students to change their lives through learning. My greatest reward from teaching students in the Diagnostic Imaging Program occurs when students are able to synthesize the knowledge provided in the classroom to the clinical environment. My proudest moments in this profession result when I see past graduates employed as technologists at MD Anderson Cancer Center and other health care facilities. It's awesome to note that I was one of many, who was able to inspire, challenge and nurture them to provide the best health care service to society.