Regents' Outstanding
Teaching Awards

Photo of Javier Adachi

Javier A. Adachi, M.D., FACP, FIDSA

Assistant Professor

Department of Infectious Diseases, Infection Control and Employee Health

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Teaching is a privilege and a responsibility. It always demands the best from us.

It requires our commitment, honesty, passion, curiosity, enjoyment, collaboration and both an open-mind and an open-heart. Teaching allows us to share our knowledge and excitement, but most importantly, to learn from our patients, students and colleagues. We should always inspire our trainees to become better clinicians, better researchers and better educators. More than a century ago, Sir William Osler wrote: "The most difficult idea to introduce into the mind of doctors is that learning in medicine is not only a college or school course, it is a learning process that takes a lifetime." A principle even more valid now than ever before.