Code Red: The Critical Condition of Health in Texas

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Texas faces an impending crisis regarding the health of its population, which will profoundly influence the state's competitive position nationally and globally. The health of Texas, economically, educationally, culturally and socially depends on the physical and mental health of its population. Quality of life for individual Texans and the communities in which they live depends critically upon health status. In the state, 25.1 percent of the population is without health insurance, the highest in the nation and growing. The increasing discrepancy between growing health needs and access to affordable health insurance coverage creates the conditions for a "perfect storm."

In view of these serious challenges, ten academic health institutions created the Task Force for Access to Health Care in Texas to address these issues. Task Force members also included small and large business employees, health care providers, insurers and consumers. All represented their own personal perspective and did not represent groups or organizations with which they are associated. Financial support for the project came solely from the academic health institutions. Below you will find their summary, the full report —  Code Red: The Critical Condition of Health in Texas  — and appendices.

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Code Red: The Critical Condition of Health in Texas - 2006

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The Complete Report

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Alerta Roja: El Resumen 53 Páginas (4.1 Megs)

Legislative Review and Summary

Read the legislative summary 6 Pages (3.6 Megs)

Task Force Findings and Recommendations

Task Force Synopsis 4 Pages (Less than a Meg)