Annual Enrollment & Your Retirement Savings

retirement savingsWith Annual Enrollment fast approaching and decisions to be made regarding your health care options, there is no better time to consider your financial health as well. 

In addition to a suite of health insurance options to take care of you and your family, the University of Texas System also offers two voluntary retirement savings plans that all you to plan for the financial future for yourself and your family. 

While you can enroll or increase your contribution in the UTSaver TSA or UTSaver DCP at any time, annual enrollment is a great time to think about your total future retirement needs.  Contributions can be as little as $15 per month or as much as $18,500.00 a year.  In some cases, you may even be able to contribute more.  All contributions are conveniently deducted from your paycheck before taxes, which means your taxable income decreases.  If you prefer to make your contributions after taxes have been deducted, that option is there for you too.

Need help investing your contributions?  The UTRetirement Programs partner with our providers to ensure you have the resources you need.  There are dozens of financial representatives in your area who will be glad to sit down with you and help you determine your best course of action.

After making your annual enrollment elections, make sure to go back and click on the link to the UT System Retirement Programs website at to learn more about the TSA or DCP plans, or to read about the services each provide makes available to you at no cost.  You can even schedule an appointment with a financial advisor at your convenience.  Take the opportunity to ensure that your financial health is just as robust as your physical health!