When the Storm Came: University of Texas institutions respond to Hurricane Harvey


Several UT institutions were in the path of Hurricane Harvey when the historic storm hit the coast of Texas in August 2017. This is their story of preparation, response and recovery.


UT Institutions and Harvey: A Map of Preparation, Courage, and Compassion

As Harvey battered Texas over the course of 10 days, UT institutions confronted the crisis with grace, toughness and flexibility.

UTMB and Harvey: An Emergency Response Timeline

Through photos, tweets, emails, and short videos, see how one UT institution faced Harvey.

Trial by Water

After Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston region, students at UT Health’s School of Nursing got to work – in a disaster zone.

The Ride-Out Team

More than 1,000 staff members at UT MD Anderson remained on site throughout the storm to ensure patients with complex medical needs were cared for and safe.



How to help

Texans in communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey have begun the long process of rebuilding. As they rebuild, employees across UT System and people across the nation have asked how they can help UT institutions and their employees recover. Financial contributions are the most immediate and efficient way to help an employee in need. Donations can be made at the following sites: