Rule 40302: Provisional Admission Policy



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1.  Title

Provisional Admission Policy

2.  Rule and Regulation

Sec. 1  Institutions Covered by Policy.   The Provisional Admission Program for freshmen shall apply to all of The University of Texas System four-year general academic institutions, with the exception of The University of Texas at Austin. Prospective students interested in admission to U. T. Austin should refer to U. T. Austin’s Coordinated Admission Program in Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 40305 and U. T. Austin’s Summer Enrollment Plan in Rule 40306.

Sec. 2  Prospective Enrollees.   Any Texas resident may enter any U. T. System institution regardless of his or her high school record or score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) provided that he or she has graduated from an accredited high school with the required units and subjects as prescribed by the institution.

Sec. 3  Semesters to Enroll.   Generally, provisional admission students may enroll initially in the summer session (both summer terms) or the spring semester following the student's graduation from high school provided the student has not previously enrolled in credit courses in any other institution of higher education following high school graduation. However, The University of Texas at El Paso has, with concurrence of the Board of Regents, admitted provisional students in the fall semester since 1973. Also, a fall semester program, called the Academic Enhancement Program, was approved for The University of Texas at Arlington in 1981.

Sec. 4  Minimum GPA.   The student who demonstrates an ability to perform college level work by achieving a GPA of 2.0 or above during the entire summer session (both summer terms) or during the spring semester may be admitted as a regular university student in subsequent semesters. Students who achieve a GPA of at least a 1.5 in their first semester or summer session (both summer terms) may be allowed to continue for the next semester or summer session. At the conclusion of the second period of enrollment, the student must have achieved a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above to continue in the institution. An institution may establish higher grade point average requirements or adopt provisional admission enrollment limits based on institutional enrollment management needs or capacity by including such provisions in the institutional General Admissions Policies for approval by the Board of Regents.

Sec. 5  Academic Advisement.   Each institution will provide some means of academic advisement or counseling for provisional students to enhance their chances of success.

Sec. 6  Adequate Record Keeping.   Each institution will maintain an adequate system of record keeping on provisional students for the purpose of evaluating their academic performance.

Sec. 7  Deviations from Guidelines.   Any deviations from these basic guidelines will require approval by the Board of Regents as a part of general campus admissions policy statements.

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4.  Relevant Federal and State Statutes 

Texas Education Code Section 51.352 – Responsibility of Governing Boards 

5.  Relevant System Policies, Procedures, and Forms 

Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 40305 - Coordinated Admission Program 
Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 40306 - Summer Enrollment Plan 

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Office of Academic Affairs 
Office of Health Affairs 

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