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Faculty Outreach Working Group

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  • Identify and work with a Point of Contact (POC) at each of the 15 UT institutions who will be the liaison between the UTRC Faculty Outreach Working Group (FOWG) and the faculty at that campus.
  • Inform and educate UT System faculty and administrators at each campus about the UTRC initiative including the associated networking, storage, and computing resources that will be made available to them to facilitate large-scale, data-intensive and computationally-intensive research.
  • Promote and facilitate the use of UTRC resources by faculty and research teams to expand the scope of research, enable collaborations across institutions, and increase competitiveness for funding.
  • Develop educational and promotional literature and attend campus visits that facilitate awareness and the acquisition of skills in the use of UTRC resources.
  • Develop compelling use cases that demonstrate examples of how UTRC resources have been utilized to advance scientific goals.
  • Work with faculty to identify unmet needs and emerging opportunities that can be addressed by UTRC resources.


Name Institution Title
Luxon, Bruce (Chair) UT Medical Branch - Galveston Professor and Director, Biomedical Informatics Program
Bernstam, Elmer UT Health Science Center - Houston Professor and Director, Biomedical Informatics
Bhavnani, Suresh UT Medical Branch - Galveston Associate Professor, Institute for Translational Science
Dan Stanzione UT Austin Director, Texas Advanced Computing Center
Broom, Bradley UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Professor, Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Pertsemlidis, Alexander UT Health Science Center - San Antonio Associate Professor, School of Medicine
Pollock, Brad UT Health Science Center - San Antonio Professor and Chair, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Ranganathan, Dipti UT Southwestern Medical Center Director, Academic Information Systems
Ray, Asok UT Arlington Professor, Physics