Student FAQs


To avoid missing important communications sent from the host campus, including information on accessing your cross-campus course, be sure to list your home campus email address in your TIS profile, and forward all host campus email accounts to your home campus address.

Cross-Campus Enrollment

What is cross-campus enrollment?

Cross-campus enrollment gives currently enrolled students from one of UT System's eight academic institutions the opportunity to enroll in courses at another UT System institution.


What do you mean by "home" and "host" campus?

A home campus is the UT System institution you are enrolled as a degree-seeking student, and a host campus is the UT System institution where you would like to enroll in a cross-campus course.


Why should I enroll in a cross-campus course?

If a course at your home campus is full, or not offered at your home campus, you may be able to enroll in the same course or its equivalent at another UT System academic institution. Cross-campus enrollment gives UT System students greater flexibility with their course options, bypasses the application process and fees typically required to take a course at another university or college, and transcripts are automatically sent to your home campus after course completion - allowing you to stay on track to graduate on time. Cross-campus courses may also qualify for financial aid at your home campus.


How can I verify a cross-campus online course will count toward my degree requirements?

Contact your home campus academic advisor to verify a course will satisfy general education, major or other requirements.


How do I apply for cross-campus enrollment?

Submitting a registration request in TIS automatically sends your data to both home and host campus advisors and registrars, who will review your request and verify eligibility to enroll. Prior to requesting a cross-campus course, it is important to check your home campus account for any holds, as they will bar you from registering at another UT System institution as well.


I received an email saying I was successfully registered in a cross-campus course, now what?

You will receive an email from the host campus explaining how to access your student account, view and pay your tuition and fee bill, and access your online course.


How much are cross-campus courses?

Students are charged at the host campus' rate. All applicable tuition, fees and payment deadlines will apply.


How do I pay for a cross-campus course?

You will be billed separately by each campus. Information on billing and payments for each campus can be found on the Campus Resources & Contacts page of our website.


Why do I have a different student account at the host campus?

Each UT campus issues a unique student ID number and email address to students enrolled in courses at their institution. This allows cross-campus students to access their course at the host campus, view and pay tuition and fee bills online, as well as access online campus resources at the host campus such as the library.

Once enrolled in a cross-campus online course, the host campus registrar will send you important information about your student account, including details on how to pay your fee bill and access your course.


What if I need to drop a cross-campus course?

Please contact the Registrar's Office at the host campus to drop or withdraw from a course.


Where can I find the course schedule?

We have provided registration deadlines, semester start/end dates and census days in the Academic Calendars page of our website. Additional information, including payment deadlines, can be found in the host campus' academic calendar.


Will I need to request a transcript be sent to my home campus?

No. One of the advantages of enrolling in a cross-campus course is that the host campus will send transcripts to your home campus once grades have been posted.



Why do I get a “Duplicate Person Found” error when I try to create my account in TIS?

If you’ve ever enrolled in an online course offered through the UT Online Consortium (formerly UT TeleCampus), an account was created for you when the class roster was sent to the TIS by the host campus.

Usernames and passwords are created using the following naming convention:

TIS Username = the first letter of your first name + the first four characters of your last name + the two digit month and two digit date of birth (mmdd)

TIS Password = your home campus student ID


How do I lookup my TIS username/password?

If you recall your TIS username, click “Forgot Password” in the Log In section of the homepage and answer the security question selected when creating your account. A temporary password will be emailed to you from TIS and you will be prompted to create a new password after logging in.

If you have forgotten your TIS username, contact our office for assistance.


How do I submit a registration request in the TIS?
  • Once logged into the TIS, search for the course you’d like to take in the Search Course Schedule page.
  • Add the course to your cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon.
  • Click on the link in the registration cart box in the left navigation to view your cart.
  • Click the Continue button to start the cart submission process and follow the prompts until you see the registration request successfully submitted message. The TIS will also send you an e-mail when you have successfully submitted your registration request.


What happens after I submit my registration request?

After submitting your registration request you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the TIS. The request is routed to your home campus advisor and registrar, and the registrar at the host campus. You will receive an e-mail from the TIS when the request reaches final processing (approved or denied).

You can track the status of your request in the TIS by clicking the Registration Requests link in the top left Account box, and then clicking the title of the course. The current status and Notes History are displayed at the top of the request.


How long does it take to process my registration request?

Generally, it takes about five business days for requests to be processed, but may take longer during busy registration periods. If your request has been pending for two weeks or more, contact us at


What happens after my registration request is approved?

After your request is approved, the TIS will send you an e-mail with important information. The host campus registrar will enroll you in the course and send you information about your student account, as well as how to pay your fee bill and access your course. If you do not receive information from the host campus within two weeks of your request approval, contact the host campus' Registration Office.


What if my request is denied?

If your registration request is denied, the TIS will send you an e-mail which includes the reason for the denial. You can also log into the TIS, click on the Registration Requests link in the Account box, and click on the title of the course to view the current status and Notes History (displayed at the top of the request).

If you resolve the issue for which your request was denied, contact the person who denied it and ask for a revised decision.