New Building

New Building to House System Administration


Our OneUTSystem site provides information and updates on the new UT System Administration office building now under construction. Operations from five antiquated buildings will be consolidated into the new 19-story, 330,000 SF building, resulting in reduced maintenance and operating expenses and greater efficiencies.

Take a virtual “hard hat tour” of the new building with Project Manager Bart Kleiman through a series of videos, each focused on a different area or feature. The videos, shot by Senior Video Production Coordinator Charlie Palafox (Office of External Relations), will be updated regularly throughout the construction process to provide a glimpse of what it will be like working and visiting there.

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WOW!  So much is going on at the construction site!  The 11th floor is complete and furnishings are being installed.  Building systems are being brought online and testing is underway.  Sitework around the building is being completed.  Installation of the main building sign (on 7th Street)  will begin in late March.  A second drill rig has been deployed to speed up removal of the tower crane pier, which will help end the drilling noise more quickly.

Looking from 9th floor of ASH. You can see the hole created by removal of the first crane pier. The retail space is located behind the round columns protected by plywood.
The main entry doors are the plywood doors to the right. The green backer board will be a basalt wall with the UT System seal & UT Institutions etched in the stone.  Open area under the canopy leads into UFCU space. UFCU main entry will be off of Lavaca.
Close up of the drill rig auger being used to remove the tower crane pier.
Looking west, you can see the drill rig on 7th Street.  The leavouts in the curtainwall that can be seen beyond the drill rig mast are for the main UT System sign which will be installed later in March.
A second drill rig has been deployed at the west tower crane site to accelerate the schedule for the removal of the tower crane piers.  This rig will use a different method of drilling to improve progress.
Freshly poured sidewalk on Colorado Street will be lined on the left by tree grates, trees, and benches.  Framing for the remainder of the curtainwall system has already been installed on the building.
Demolition of the sidewalk on Lavaca Street has started.
Looking east on the second floor gallery leading to the Boardroom, you can see the two-story entry lobby to the right.  The scaffold is for the installation of the wood wall next to the staircase.  The light cove at the ceiling will hold an art rail.
Wood clad wall at one of the small conference rooms on the first floor.
Photo of the chillers from the roof catwalk.
Photo from the east side of the roof looking north.  The big fan on the left is part of the stair pressurization system.
From the first floor of the main entry, the entry doors (temporary plywood) can be seen at the center of the photo, with a large conference room is to the right of the entry.
Construction hieroglyphics.
Typical elevator lobby being finished out.  The walls will be back-painted glass and stainless steel.
From the Wellness Center looking northeast, you can see the Capitol dome.  The ceiling will be left exposed and painted black.
Wellness Center Looking Northeast
A Huddle Room with a table but no monitor.
Tables in a small conference room are reconfigurable.
Tables and monitor have been installed in a medium conference room.
Photo of a common breakroom without furniture.  There will be one of these rooms on every office floor.  Three refrigerators can be seen on the right.  An ice machine on the counter can be seen on the left.
The 11th floor is complete and ready for furniture.
Furniture boxes staged on the 11th floor.
Wood doors stacked up for installation.
Another photo of the 11th floor.  A Huddle Room is on the left.  The white band is a markable wall surface.