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FCPA Risks Faced by Higher Education

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Date and Time

Jan. 27, 2016. 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Event Description

If you believe that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act doesn’t apply to you...think again! Today, as global organizations continue to seek out strategic opportunities in emerging markets, they face unprecedented scrutiny from a variety of anti-corruption statutory schemes, regulatory bodies and public initiatives. The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (The “FCPA”), The UK Bribery Act, and a myriad of related statutes, enforcement divisions and cooperative organizations collectively form a robust global anti-corruption regulatory regime, with long-arm jurisdiction which can result in severe financial and reputational penalties for violators.

Please join representatives from FTI Consulting as they seek to dissect the regulatory environment in which organizations like yours operate, help define those activities which are likely to be looked upon with a certain level of skepticism by governments, and showcase how taking a proactive approach by instituting strong compliance policies and procedures can help your schools and universities navigate these issues.

CPE credit will be available for attendees of the live session.

About the Presenters

Lindi Jarvis, Senior Managing Director, Forensic Accounting & Advisory Services, FTI Consulting

Lindi specializes in forensic accounting and litigation consulting. She has international experience in a wide range of large-scale financial investigative assignments and litigation assistance. Ms. Jarvis has performed numerous investigations in matters involving SEC financial reporting, violations of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act and other fraudulent activities. Ms. Jarvis’ anti-bribery and anti-corruption experience includes leading financial and forensic accounting investigations on a global basis, including investigating allegations of inappropriate behavior and suspected violations of the FCPA by US Corporations, agents, distributors or foreign operating divisions. In addition, Ms. Jarvis has been involved in assisting a Fortune 50 company to implement an FCPA compliance program which incorporated the review of the operations in specific high risk countries.

Brian Ong, Senior Managing Director, Forensic Accounting & Advisory Services, FTI Consulting

Brian is a Senior Business Adviser with over 25 years of providing accounting, financial analysis, business valuation and corporate transactional advisory services to a variety of clients including numerous corporate clients, corporate boards of directors, “C-level” executives, in-house legal counsel and external legal counsel. Mr. Ong brings to his clients an array of services designed to help organizations and individuals address critical issues, mitigate risk, enhance corporate governance and improve performance. Among his areas of professional expertise, Mr. Ong directs large-scale financial investigative assignments including forensic accounting investigations, financial reporting investigations, financial fraud investigations, investigations involving the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and white-collar crime investigations. His background as an accountant includes performing financial statement audits of publicly and privately held companies, and providing merger, acquisition and divestiture due diligence services and bankruptcy/restructuring related services to numerous corporate clients.

Michael Archibald, Managing Director, Forensic Accounting & Advisory Services, FTI Consulting

Michael has over fifteen years of consulting experience and specializes in forensic accounting investigations and litigation consulting matters involving complex accounting and financial issues. He has considerable experience working on financial investigations involving both GAAP and GAAS and has assisted clients with a wide variety of public, private, and international financial statement engagements. He has also performed fraud investigations for client-identified company matters, numerous Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations across multiple jurisdictions, assessments of internal control environments and has worked with federal, state and local municipalities to develop and implement compliance monitoring programs. During his career, Mr. Archibald has provided forensic, auditing and consulting services to companies spanning a broad range of industries including financial services, retail, commercial banking, pharmaceutical, health insurance providers and energy.