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Federal funds constitute nearly 50 percent of the UT System's research expenditures ($1.1 billion in FY2015).

UT System’s students (over 200,000 strong) benefit from and rely upon more than $300 million in federal financial grant aid and program support annually.

UT System institutions are impacted by myriad federal legislation and regulations that affect our university community.

These factors underscore the critical need for frequent communication with government officials and coordination with the larger higher education community to effectively impact federal public policy. The Office of Federal Relations accomplishes this by continuously informing decision-makers of our components' resources, policy positions, and the achievements of UT System students and faculty.

OFR provides support and service to our institutions by: strategic planning and issues management; responding to legislative inquiries; monitoring and analyzing federal legislation; identifying opportunities for our faculty to participate in congressional hearings, executive branch advisory groups and task forces, and national education forums; and promoting UT System campuses' research and policy agenda with agencies and Congressional members.

We are also working to identify and nurture future leaders in Texas. OFR is home to the Archer Center, which gives students throughout the System an opportunity to intern and study in D.C. Since its inception in 2001, the Program has welcomed more than 600 undergraduate and graduate students from throughout the UT System.