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About Strategic Design and Initiatives

The Strategic Design and Initiatives group is a centralized resource that supports program management and executive decision making by providing subject matter expertise, regulatory guidance, research, forecasting, benchmarking, and analysis. It is responsible for developing and maintaining the standards, tools, processes, and information resources needed to facilitate consitent, predictable, and transparent execution of OFPC's core mission.

As part of the Strategic Design and Intiatives group, the OFPC engineering staff provides technical consulting service to all academic and healthcare institutions of The University of Texas System for Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects. The primary mission of the engineering staff groups is to provide these technical and engineering consulting services through quality assurance reviews which ensure UT’s CIP projects are regulatory and code compliant. Reviews are conducted in cooperation with each institution and the Architectural / Engineering (A/E) or Contractor design team during the Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development & Construction Document processes.

The two engineering staff groups, Building Envelope and Building Systems, collaborate to achieve functional excellence through program and process improvements, defining the most appropriate building systems and achieving economies of scale. The Building Envelope Group provides project support for the structural, building enclosure (roofing, waterproofing, cladding), civil site, and landscaping design of a facility. The Building Systems Group provides project support to the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and system controls design of a facility.

The engineering staff develops and maintains technical design guidelines for OFPC and institution use for the project program requirements. Technical construction support is provided when requested by OFPC field personnel. Consultation and participation in special institution studies, are provided upon request by the institution.

In order to achieve the highest value facilities needed by the uniquely superior institutions of The University of Texas System, the engineering staff strives to be customer driven and flexible. Our quality assurance design reviews and life cycle cost analysis reviews are our tools that contribute to that success.