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News for HR Benefits & Staff - February 20, 2015

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February 20, 2015

Welcome to this edition of  HR & Benefit News . Always feel free to send us your  comments and questions

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OEB Policy Updates

The following policies have been revised and updated in the OEB Administrative Manual effective January 1, 2015:                                

The versions highlighting the changes are posted on the SharePoint site, and the updated clean versions are posted in the OEB Administrative Manual on the OEB website’s Forms and Publications page.  See the following chart that highlights the revisions to these policies:

Revision Date
Policy No.
Policy Title
Summary of Revisions

January 2015



Sec. 4.3: EOI no longer required to enroll in up to 3X VGTL following qualified status change.

January 2015


Evidence of Insurability (EOI)

Sec. 2.0: Made several revisions to clarify when EOI is required.

Sec. 3.0: Made several revisions to clarify when EOI is not required.

January 2015


Qualified Status Changes

Sec. 3.2.1:  Made one minor revision.

As explained in the December 2014 edition, Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is no longer required for an Employee to enroll in Voluntary Group Term Life coverage up to 3 times annual salary following a qualified change of status event during the plan year.  Read the article in the December edition for a full explanation.   Please contact a member of the OEB Benefits Team if you have any questions.

Good to Know

HIPAA Training Video Available

Barbara Holthous, Senior Attorney in the Office of General Counsel, presented a one-hour HIPAA orientation on November 19, 2014, which many of you attended via video conference.  We have made Barbara’s presentation into a video for your new employees who handle personal health information (PHI) to learn the HIPAA rules and regulations. This video is located on the secure SharePoint site.  Just click on the Videos link in the left column of the SharePoint homepage, and the HIPAA video is located at the top of the Videos page.   Please contact a member of the OEB Benefits Team if you have any questions or you need Closed Captioning for one of your employees.  

Disability and Vision

The RFP review process for both the Disability and Vision contracts are running smoothly and on time. All bids have been received and are being reviewed. The Office of Employee Benefits will make announcements once decisions have been made and are approved.