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News for HR Benefits & Staff - December 17, 2014

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December 17, 2014

Welcome to this edition of  HR & Benefit News . Always feel free to send us your  comments and questions


REQUIREMENT CHANGE Good News! EOI No Longer Required for Enrollment in up to 3 Times Life Coverage Following Status Change Effective January 1, 2015, Evidence of Insurability (EOI) will no longer be required for an employee to enroll in Voluntary Group Term Life (VGTL) coverage up to 3 times annual salary following a qualified change of status event during the plan year. Following this change, the EOI rules for enrollment in up to 3X VGTL will be consistent with the current rules for enrollment in Short Term and Long Term Disability coverage. 

EOI will not be required to enroll in up to 3X annual salary:

  • during a new employee’s initial period of eligibility; and
  • following a qualified status change event during the plan year.

  EOI will continue to be required for enrollment in VGTL as follows:

  • Coverage of greater than 3X annual salary for an Employee
  • Any increase in VGTL coverage for an Employee during Annual Enrollment
  • Any increase in VGTL coverage for a Retiree
  • Coverage of $25,000 or $50,000 for Employee Spouse (EOI is not required for Dependent VGTL of $10,000)
  • Coverage of $3,000 for Retiree Spouse, unless required conditions are met (see Policy 220, Sec. 4.4 for details)

  Example 1:  A newly eligible UT Employee does not enroll in any level of VGTL coverage; therefore, he only has Basic Life coverage of $20,000. Three years later in February 2015 he gets married. This Employee has 31 days from the date of this event to increase his VGTL up to 3X annual salary without EOI. EOI will be required if he wants to enroll in VGTL coverage of more than 3X annual salary. He may also add Dependent VGTL of $10,000 without EOI; however, EOI will be required if he wants to enroll in Spouse VGTL coverage of $25,000 or $50,000.   Example 2:  The Employee in Example 1 does not elect to enroll in VGTL following his marriage. During the next Annual Enrollment period, he elects to enroll in 3X VGTL through  My UT Benefits . EOI will be required. Also, during this Annual Enrollment period he may elect Dependent VGTL of $10,000 without EOI.   Example 3:  The Employee in Example 1 does not elect to enroll in VGTL during his initial period of eligibility within 31 days of his date of hire. Following his marriage in February 2015, he submits an EOI application for 4X VGTL. The institution Benefits Office should enroll this Employee in 3X VGTL, and if his EOI is approved, his VGTL coverage will increase to 4X VGTL effective the first of the month following the date of approval.   The Texas Department of Insurance has approved this revision (plus a few other minor revisions) to the Life Certificate of Coverage which will be posted to the Dearborn National and OEB websites by the first week of January.  Also, the applicable policies in the OEB Administrative Manual will be updated to reflect this change.

Good to Know

UPDATE              Certificate of Creditable Coverage Effective January 1, 2015 In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, employers are no longer required to provide a Certificate of Creditable Coverage to employees upon termination of coverage effective January 1, 2015. However, we believe this information continues to be beneficial for employees and/or their covered dependents when terminating UT group insurance coverage. Additionally, you must be prepared to provide a terminating employee with this certificate upon request.  

    ONLINE ENHANCEMENT               Dearborn National Online Claims Submission Enhancement We encourage all institution Benefits staff to use the Dearborn National online claims feature to submit employee claims for life, AD&D and Waiver of Premium insurance, as well as retiree life insurance claims.     

    Dearborn National has announced that the following enhancements will be available beginning Friday, December 19:

    • A new feature is being added so you can electronically submit supporting documents, such as a death certificate or doctor’s statement, in PDF format along with the claim form. Currently, you are required to fax these documents separately. 
    • The Basic Life and Basic AD&D coverage field is being modified to use a drop-down option instead of the current hard coded text. This will allow you to identify Employees and Retirees who have waived their UT SELECT Medical coverage and therefore do not have the Basic Life and Basic AD&D coverage.     

    After using these changes to submit your institution online claims and documents to Dearborn National, please contact  Tyler Lisenby , our Dearborn National account executive, if you have any questions.  Also, if you think an online training session would be beneficial for your institution staff, please email the  OEB Training staff  to let them know. 

    NAME CHANGE Integrated Medical/Disability Program: New Title for Dearborn National's Blue CareLink ProgramEffective immediately the title for Dearborn National’s Blue CareLink program has officially changed to the Integrated Medical/Disability Program. This program continues to assist UT employees enrolled in the Short Term Disability plan. A link to the  new information sheet  that describes the program basics in both English and Spanish is available in  the STD section of the Forms and Publications page on the OEB website .   

    If your institution’s website makes reference to the Blue CareLink program or provides a link to Blue CareLink materials, please update your site to describe and link to the new Integrated Medical/Disability Program materials.   Please contact  Tyler Lisenby , our Dearborn National account executive, if you have any questions.

    CONTACT CHANGES Insurance Vendor Contact Information Below is a list of the recent changes to the Insurance Vendors Contact Information list, which can be found on the  Contacts page of the SharePoint site :

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas :  The BCBS COBRA contact information has changed to:

    Express Scripts :  The contact information for general ESI escalated issues has changed to:

    PayFlex :  Rory Suda has accepted another position within the PayFlex organization, and the new contact person for general escalated issues is:

    Dearborn National :  The new contact for the  Group Term Life and AD&D plan  is:

    Dearborn National :  The new contacts for the  Long Term Disability plan  are:

    CNA :  Jan Habraken’s new contact information is: