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August 15, 2014

Welcome to the August 15, 2014 edition of HR & Benefit News. After reading these articles, please let us know if you have any questions. Always feel free to send us your comments and questions for future publications.

We Moved!

OEB UPDATES We've Moved - New Mailing AddressThe Office of Employee Benefits move has been completed, and we are settling into our new surroundings in the Wells Fargo Building, 15th and Guadalupe Street, 5th Floor. Although our physical and mailing addresses have changed, our phone numbers will stay the same.  

Please update your records for the OEB’s new mailing address:Office of Employee BenefitsThe University of Texas System Administration210 W. 6th Street, Suite B.140EAustin, TX 78701 

new website
New Website

The updated OEB website is up and running with a new URL: Please be sure to update any links on your institution website to the OEB website.  We will continue to automatically redirect to the new website for the next few months, but it is our goal to complete the switch to the new website by the end of December.

Please contact OEB staff if you have any questions or comments about the new website.

Good to Know

NEW Important Dates and Deadlines

We’ve wrapped up another successful Annual Enrollment and the new plan year is right around the corner. Here are a few important dates to keep in mind for this month: August 15

  • Evidence of Insurability (EOI) applications started during the Annual Enrollment period must be completed and received by Dearborn National (voluntary group term life, short term disability and long term disability coverage) and CNA (long term care coverage). Note:  EOI is not required to enroll in the UT SELECT Medical and Prescription Drug plan

August 31

  • Last day of the current plan year.
  • Last day of the UT Southwestern pilot project.
  • New UT SELECT Medical ID Cards will be received by UT subscribers.

September 1

  • Plan Year 2014-2015 begins.
new plan yearBenefit Changes for the 2014-2015 Plan Year

Several benefit changes take effect on September 1, 2014.  Please read the July and August editions of the A Matter of Health newsletter for more detailed information.

  • New $100 copay for MRI’s and CT Scans. This copay may be waived if the member calls the Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits Value Advisor.  New UT SELECT Medical ID Cards will be mailed to all UT SELECT subscribers.

  • Additional out-of-pocket maximum of $6,350 per individual and $12,700 per family includes copayments, deductible, and coinsurance..

  • The UT Southwestern Network pilot project will end on August 31, 2014. There will be transitional benefits available for members who are receiving inpatient services at a UT Southwestern facility or are being treated by a UT Southwestern physician in their second or third trimester of a pregnancy.

UPDATESuperior Vision Extending Customer Service Hours on August 30th

To accommodate UT enrollees who suddenly realize that they must use their Vision benefits before the end of this plan year, Superior Vision‘s Customer Service hours on Saturday, August 30 will be open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Central Time.  The toll free number for UT enrollees is 1-800-507-3800.

REMINDERTRS Employee Contribution Rate Increasing 9/1/14

A reminder that beginning with the employee payroll in September 2014, the member TRS contribution rate will increase from 6.4% to 6.7%.  The state contribution rate will not change and remains at 6.8%.

forms + pubs

NEWUpdated Forms and Publications for Plan 2014-2015

Please review the list below of publications and forms that have been updated or are new for Plan Year 2014-2015 and be sure to discard all copies of outdated versions for each of the listed documents, whether electronic or hard copies. Documents that are not updated are not listed. All new and revised documents are scheduled to be available on the Forms and Publications page of the OEB website no later than September 1, 2014 along with those documents that did not require revision.

Office of Employee Benefits:


The following will reflect the benefit changes for Plan Year 2014-2015:

  • UT SELECT Medical Benefits Guide - Revised
  • UT SELECT Plan Highlights - Revised
  • UT SELECT Benefits Summary Chart - Revised

UT SELECT Prescription Drug

The following will reflect name and address changes, plus a new mobile app flyer has been added:

  • Prescription Drug Program at a Glance – Revised
  • Prescription Drug Mail Order Form - Revised
  • Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form - Revised
  • Coordination of Benefits/Direct Claim Form - Revised
  • Express Scripts Mobile App – New

UT Flex

  • UT FLEX Benefits Guide – Revised

UT SELECT Dental and Dental Plus

  • UT SELECT Dental and Dental Plus Benefits Guide – Revised
  • Delta Dental Mobile App and Online Services – New

Dental HMO

  • No changes to the DeltaCare publications and forms for Plan Year 2015


There are no changes to the Vision benefits for Play Year 2014-2015; however, Superior Vision has updated the following:

  • Superior Vision Plan Highlights – Revised
  • Superior Vision Plan Brochure – Revised
  • Online Member Portal – Revised
  • Smart Alert – Revised
  • – Revised
  • Finding In-Network Providers – Revised
  • Quality LASIK for Texas Members – Revised
  • Superior Vision Claim Form – Revised
  • Provider Nomination Form - Revised

Life and AD&D

Dearborn National is in the process of revising the Life Benefits Guide which must be approved by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Once Dearborn National receives final approval from TDI, we will post this document and notify you of the specific changes.  Until the revised Life Benefits Guide is approved and posted, the current edition of this guide will continue to be used.

  • Enhanced Product Services Highlights – New


Dearborn National is in the process of revising the Disability Benefit Guides which must be approved by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Once Dearborn National receives final approval from TDI, we will post these documents and notify you of the specific changes.  Until the revised Disability Benefits Guides are approved and posted, the current editions of these guides will continue to be used.

Long Term Care

  • No changes to any CNA publications or forms for Plan Year 2015

COBRA & Surviving Dependents*

  • General Notice – Revised
  • Election Notice – Revised
  • Enrollment Form for Medical, Dental, and Vision – Revised
  • Enrollment Form for UT FLEX - Revised
  • Standard COBRA Rate Chart – Revised
  • Disability Extension COBRA Rate Chart – Revised
  • Surviving Dependent Rate Chart - Revised

*Note: COBRA and Surviving Dependent documents are available through Systemwide HR Central only. They are not made publicly available on the main OEB website.

Your questions

YOU ASK, WE ANSWER    EOI Required for Spouse Voluntary Group Term Life (VGTL)

Question: I am actively employed at a UT institution with VGTL coverage of one times annual salary. My spouse is also actively employed at a UT institution with 1X VGTL. I plan to terminate employment at the end of this month. Can my spouse enroll me in Spouse VGTL of $25,000 without Evidence of Insurability (EOI)?

Answer: Your spouse may enroll you in Dependent VGTL of $10,000 without EOI during the 31 day enrollment period following the termination date of your coverage. If your spouse misses this enrollment period, she may enroll you in the Dependent VGTL coverage without EOI during a subsequent Annual Enrollment period. However, Spouse VGTL coverage of $25,000 or $50,000 always requires EOI. Therefore, your spouse must submit an EOI application for you even when you had VGTL as an active employee and there is no break in coverage between the end of your active employment coverage and the beginning of your coverage as a spouse.

Administrative Errors and EOI

Question: I’ve discovered that an EOI approval that we overlooked and coverage that should have been added a month or more ago was not put in place. How should I correct the member’s coverage?

Answer: When an administrative error has been discovered involving previously approved EOI for Dearborn National coverages, there are two options to add the coverage and address the error:

1)  Add the coverage and backdate it to what should have been the original effective date based on the EOI approval. Either your institution or the member must pay the applicable premium for the backdated coverage, depending on how your department handles these types of administrative errors. 


2)  The member may choose to reapply for the coverage at the point of discovery, subject to the Evidence of Insurability requirements at the time of application. In other words, the previously approved EOI cannot be applied to the later coverage effective date based on date of discovery. A new EOI application must be submitted and approved before coverage can be added.

If the member chooses not to accept either of the two above options, the coverage should not be added. As with any coverage offered by the Office of Employee Benefits, the member may later choose to apply for the same coverage during Annual Enrollment or following a Qualified Change of Status Event.

Unfortunately, because we must remain compliant with the legal and contractual requirements for these plans, there is no other option available for handling this type of administrative error.