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Tenure and Post-Tenure Review Reporting

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Guidelines for Submission of Tenure Recommendations

To ensure that the dossiers of tenure candidates are presented in a consistent manner to The UT System Board of Regents, the Office of Academic Affairs has developed a set of guidelines for the submission of tenure recommendations. Starting in academic year 2013-2014, we ask that institutions include the following documentation in support of its recommendations to award tenure to eligible faculty.

Guidelines for Submission of Tenure Recommendations

Tenure Sample Summary Table


Recommendations for Incorporating Student and Peer Reviews in the Faculty Evaluation Process

Effective teaching is the core of any outstanding university and is very important at every institution in The University of Texas System. UT System invests significant resources in rewarding outstanding teaching, and effective teaching is a requirement for the promotion and tenure of every faculty member. The System campuses have centers which support good teaching, and many departments work collegially to improve and augment the development of teaching within specific programs. Thus, it is entirely appropriate that excellence in teaching serves as an important foundation for a System-wide task force of faculty members and students.


Post-Tenure Review Reporting

University of Texas System academic institutions are required to perform evaluations of tenured faculty periodically. The results of this review are reported to the University of Texas System Office of Academic Affairs.

The reports, upon completion, and any questions should be submitted to Elizabeth Mayer at