Message from UTRGV President Guy Bailey on hiring timelines for the founding faculty and staff at UTRGV


I am pleased to be in the Valley at this important time for this new institution.  As we look forward to welcoming UTRGV’s first students in Fall 2015, I want to share with you some key events that are shaping UTRGV right now and will shape it further in the next few months.

For instance, we can now better project the timelines for hiring the founding faculty and staff at UTRGV.  Officially, these dates are tentative because the hiring process is fluid, but it is my goal to stick as close to these timelines as possible. 

Voluntary Separation Incentive Programs

Recently, UTB and UTPA offered eligible faculty members a Voluntary Separation Incentive Program.  Faculty who joined the program will remain with their existing institution through May 2015, then leave the UT System and receive an incentive totaling 50% of their faculty salaries.  A similar program will be offered to eligible staff members in late July or early August.

Phase I Faculty Hiring

I expect that job postings will be available beginning in mid-August.  By October 6, I expect that UTRGV will announce its initial faculty hires.  More specific details and dates for Phase I are available in the revised FAQs.

Phase II Faculty Hiring

I expect that job postings will be available beginning on October 7, and that rolling hiring decisions will continue from mid-October through Spring 2015.

Staff Hiring

Two executive positions were posted yesterday on the UT System website.  Additional jobs will be posted in the coming weeks, and the majority of hires will occur in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

I greatly appreciate your continued patience and assistance as we move forward in this intricate, but exciting process.

Guy Bailey
UTRGV President

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