City of Austin's Resolution on the Lion's Municipal Golf Course

AUSTIN – H. Scott Caven, Jr., chairman of The University of Texas System Board of Regents, issued the following statement today (Oct. 16) regarding the City of Austin’s resolution on the Lion’s Municipal Golf Course located on the university-owned Brackenridge Tract.

Statement from Chairman Caven:

“To meet its fiduciary and legal obligation to use the Brackenridge Tract in ways that benefit The University of Texas at Austin – and to honor the request of the land’s donor, Colonel George W. Brackenridge – The University of Texas System Board of Regents commissioned a master planning firm to develop at least two conceptual master plans for the redevelopment of the 345-acre Brackenridge Tract in West Austin. The Board selected an internationally renowned master planning firm, Cooper Robertson & Partners. 

"Cooper Robertson has been at work since March on the first phase of the planning process – data gathering and analysis – which includes public involvement and consultation with important constituent groups.  The Board specifically directed Cooper Robertson to include opportunities for the public to offer input as an essential element to its planning process.

“The planning process has a large scope of work, including, in addition to public input, surveying, traffic studies, infrastructure studies, market analysis and many other professional analyses of the tract, the neighborhood and the city. 

“In hiring Cooper Robertson, the Board emphasized that any potential revenue realized from the future development of the land must directly benefit UT Austin’s faculty and graduate and undergraduate students.

“The Board and the master planners recognize the importance of open space in any future development; and it is important to emphasize that collaborative planning with city leaders, student housing representatives and other constituents, which has been extensive and is ongoing, is an essential element of the master planning process. 

“We and the master planners have heard from many citizens of Austin who are passionate about the Brackenridge Tract.  The Board, too, is passionate about the tract and its importance to the future of UT Austin.  We ask the citizens of Austin and their elected officials to give Cooper Robertson time to complete the entire process.  We believe that the final result will be world-class conceptual master plans and a vision for the Brackenridge Tract that will benefit UT Austin and the City of Austin for future generations."

The master planning team will conduct a weeklong planning workshop November 3 – 7.  A complete schedule and description of public events for that week may be found on the UT System Real Estate Office’s website at

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