Health Status of Northeast Texas

This data visualization displays age-adjusted mortality rates for deaths due to any cause, and for deaths due to the top-five causes in the Northeast Texas region. The Northeast Texas region is defined by the 35 counties that make up the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Health Service Region 4/5N. County-level data (displayed in the maps and bar graph below the map) are three-year averages (2017-2019). Mortality rates were sourced from CDC WONDER.

Mortality data available through CDC WONDER are based on information from all death certificates filed in the fifty states and the District of Columbia. Deaths of nonresidents (e.g., nonresident aliens, nationals living abroad, residents of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and other territories of the U.S.) and fetal deaths are excluded. Mortality data from the death certificates are coded by the states and provided to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) through the Vital Statistics Cooperative Program or coded by NCHS from copies of the original death certificates provided to NCHS by the State registration offices.

The data visualization is a companion to the Health Status of Northeast Texas, 2021, available for download here.


  • Eileen Nehme, PhD MPH
  • Kirkland Schuessler, MPH
  • Christian Alvarado, PhD
  • Nagla Elerian, MS
  • Haruna Miyakado, MS
  • Dorothy Mandell, PhD
  • David Lakey, MD

Design & development:

  • Mohamad "Em" Karimifar, MFA

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