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Bachelor's in Criminology and Criminal Justice

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Program Overview

The Bachelor's Completion Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice Online (CCJO) program is designed with the criminal justice and law enforcement professional in mind. This 66-credit program, combined with the appropriate lower-division undergraduate coursework, will lead to either a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice from UT Arlington (UTA), or a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from UT Permian Basin (UTPB) or UT Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV).

The online format is designed to meet the educational needs of traditional and non-traditional students, allowing you to continue part-time or full-time work. No on-campus visits are required. CCJO students learn about crime causation, criminal justice issues, juvenile justice, law enforcement, courts, corrections, and law. Each 3-credit hour course will be conducted online by the same talented faculty teaching on-campus.

In the context of a well-rounded education, the online degree completion program provides students with access to a four-year degree in criminology and/or criminal justice, with the online program comprising primarily of junior- and senior-level coursework. The degree program prepares students for professional careers and advancement opportunities in criminal justice or related fields and is designed for students who have already completed their first two years of undergraduate courses.

Many CCJO courses are open to cross-campus enrollment. Check with your academic advisor prior to registering for any of these courses to ensure that they apply toward your degree program.

To view CCJO program courses currently open for cross-campus enrollment, go the Student Portal Course Schedule and select Criminal Justice (CCJO) from the Finish@UT Program menu, or search for a specific course name/number. 


Getting Started

To participate in the CCJO program, you must choose a home campus by applying to and being accepted by one of the three degree-granting institutions listed above. Consult the participating universities for specific details. Additionally, all CCJO students must have successfully completed at least 54-credit hours of appropriate lower-division undergraduate coursework.

Refer to the Student Support section of our website for additional information on cross-campus registration, course access and campus contacts.


Participating Institutions and Advisors

UT Arlington  

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice 

UTA Admissions

UTA's Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree Plan

Program Advisors: 

Amber Owens (817) 272-0313 |


UT Permian Basin

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

UTPB Admissions

UTPB's Criminal Justice Online Degree Plan

Program Advisor:  Dr. Gregg Hammon, Lecturer (432) 552-2356 |


UT Rio Grande Valley

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

UTRGV Admissions

UTRGV's Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree Plan

Program Advisor:  Dr. Ben Brown, Professor (956) 882-8813 |


Peace Officer Tuition Exemption

Students employed as peace officers in Texas may be eligible for the Peace Officer Tuition Exemption for CCJO courses. Students will need to apply and provide eligibility documentation to each campus at which they are enrolled.

General information and eligibility requirements

UT Arlington Exemption Form

Amanda Godwin, Coordinator II - Special Programs

UTPB Exemption form

Maribel Benitez, Scholarship Coordinator – Financial Aid  (432) 552-2628 |

UTRGV Exemption form

Irene Cardenas, Financial Aid Coordinator  (956) 882-7061 |


Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is this degree appropriate?

Law enforcement personnel, juvenile justice practitioners and other service providers as well as pre-professional students interested in obtaining a four-year degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. The program can be taken without relocating and while maintaining full or part-time employment.

How much will it cost to take a course?

Students are billed by the campus hosting the course. Links to campus tuition and fee information can be found on the Tuition, Payments & Financial Aid page.

How many semester credit hours are required to complete the degree plan?

66-credit hours, or 63 if the student has previously taken an Introduction to Criminology or Criminal Justice course. Students must take at least two courses from their home campuses. All courses taken from other participating universities in the CCJO program can be transferred to students' home campuses to fulfill degree requirements. Based on course load, students may complete the program in as little as two years or as many as six.

Will I have to visit any of the participating campuses?

The CCJO program is offered 100% online. As a result, students will not be required to visit a campus at any time.