Project South Texas Presidential Search Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long will the search process take?

A: The chairman of the Board of Regents has appointed a presidential search advisory committee to assist in identifying candidates. A timeline for the process, including scheduling of advisory committee meetings and required board actions, will now be determined. It is not uncommon for a comprehensive, national search for a university president to take approximately nine months, though in this case the goal is to make a selection in spring 2014.

Q: Who will be organizing the search?

A: Pedro Reyes, the executive vice chancellor for academic affairs, is charged with the task of organizing and managing the presidential search process for all academic campuses and serves as the chair of the search advisory committee.

Q: Who serves on the Presidential Search Advisory Committee?

A: The composition of this Presidential Search Advisory Committee was determined by the Board of Regents with recommendations from the chancellor. The executive vice chancellor for academic affairs chairs the committee.

Q: Will a search firm be used?

A: Yes. The UT System will use Witt/Kieffer, an executive search firm to support the presidential search process.

Q: Will this position be advertised nationally?

A: Yes. An advertisement will be placed in trade, national, state and local publications.

Q: Who can nominate candidates?

A: Anyone may nominate an individual for consideration for president. Nominations and applications will remain confidential. A complete nomination would include a recommended candidate’s name, current position and contact information. Individuals may also self‐nominate for the position.

Q: How can someone be nominated for president?

A: Send the name, current position and current contact information for the nominee to any member of the Search Advisory Committee. The nominee will be contacted and asked to submit an application for consideration. The identity of the nominator is kept confidential from the person being nominated. Nominations may also be submitted via email at  or submitted in writing to:

Project South Texas

c/o Witt/Kieffer

Attention: Donna Janulis

2015 Spring Road, Suite 510

Oak Brook, IL 60523

Q: When will the candidates’ names be made public?

A: Under Texas State law, only the names of finalists  are made public at least 21 days prior to selection of a president. The Search Advisory Committee will screen nominations and applications and forward a list of prospective candidates for consideration by the UT System Board of Regents. The Board of Regents will then determine a list of finalists for the position and announce the names to the public.

Q: What do the Regents do once they get the list of candidates?

A: The board has full discretion concerning selection of candidates to be interviewed.

Q: What happens when candidates are selected for interview by the Board of Regents?

A: Generally, candidates selected for interview by the board by the board are scheduled for a visit to the campus to meet with students, faculty, staff and representatives of the community. The board names a finalist after these visits and an interview with the board has taken place.

Q: What are the benefits of having a national search for a new president?

A: A national search is being conducted to ensure the UT System attracts the very best pool of visionary candidates for this important position.