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- Austin, TX
I’ve been in Austin now for only seven and a half months, but pretty early on I became aware of the community’s commitment to early childhood development.   I met Libby Doggett at a party and it didn’t take long to realize we knew many of the same people and had many of the same interests.   I suspect that started the chain reaction that led to me being with you this morning.   I think Libby was surprised the UT System Chancellor was even moderately conversant in the subject.   It wasn’t always the case.  ..(more about Success by Six Launch Breakfast)
- Austin, TX
As Chancellor, nothing is more important to me than the safety, health and well being of our nearly 240,000 students, and all of the members of our campus communities. The UT System was created was to serve the people of our state, helping them lead prosperous, productive, and healthy lives. It’s hard to think of many things less helpful to that mission than tobacco...(more about UT System Eliminate Tobacco Use Summit)
- Austin, TX
When I was talking to the search committee, the Board of Regents, and the Governor, something I strongly suspected became crystal clear. It wasn’t the much better weather. It wasn’t tacos for breakfast. It wasn’t even the generous and engaged members of Longhorn Nation. Although all those things are wonderful. The thing that most attracted me to Texas is the ambition, confidence and optimism that is so clearly part of this state’s DNA...(more about Cockrell School of Engineering Advisory Board Dinner)
- Austin, Texas

Good morning.  It’s great to be with you.

I want to thank the Chamber and Opportunity Austin for the chance to visit with you today.  And I appreciate the effort you all made to be here on a Friday, and before you’re fully caffeinated.

As Gary mentioned, though I visited many times over the years, I’m a relative newcomer to Austin – almost to the six-month mark.

People often ask about the differences between living in New York and living in Austin.

..(more about Austin Chamber of Commerce Opportunity Austin Breakfast)
- Dallas, Texas
Thank you, Chairman Eltife. I can’t tell all of you how much of a benefit it is to have a Chairman who is as well respected in the Capitol as Kevin. I’ve already seen on many occasions what a difference it makes. We are going to be very good partners this session and beyond...(more about Chancellor's Council Winter Meeting)