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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

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The University of Texas System celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, honoring the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

UT institutions have worked diligently toward the advancement of Hispanic populations for decades – recruiting, enrolling and graduating Latino students, while embracing the influence of Hispanic culture, expanding avenues of success for Hispanic scholars and students, and promoting the art, culture and ideas of the Americas.

Across the UT System, seven academic institutions are federally designated Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and five have been recognized with the prestigious Excelencia in Education seal, the only national data-driven initiative to recognize programs that accelerate Hispanic student success in universities.

Milestone Data

 Hispanic Enrollment 2021

All UT Institutions

  • 44% all levels
  • 50% undergraduate
  • 26% graduate

HSI UT Institutions

  • 51% all levels
  • 56% undergraduate
  • 33% graduate


  • 19% all levels
  • 20% undergraduate
  • 11% graduate

Hispanic Degrees 2021

All UT Institutions

  • 37% all levels
  • 44% undergraduate
  • 13% doctoral (PhD)

HSI UT Institutions

  • 44% all levels
  • 49% undergraduate
  • 18% doctoral (PhD)


  • 17% all levels
  • 17% undergraduate
  • 6% doctoral (PhD)

Hispanic Faculty 2021

All UT Institutions

  • 14% Instruction
  • 16% Research
  • 15% Combined

HSI UT Institutions

  • 19% Instruction
  • 18% Research
  • 19% Combined


  • 5% Instruction
  • 4% Research
  • 5% Combined

* As of 2020


Seal of Excelencia Logo

Seal of Exccelencia - Intentionally Serving Latinos

Seal of Excelencia Certified Institutions

The UT System now has five institutions, more than any university system in the country, that have earned the prestigious “Seal of Excelencia” from the nonprofit Excelencia in Education for work to advance higher education opportunities for Hispanic communities. In 2022, the University of Texas at Arlington joined UT Austin, UT El Paso, UT Rio Grande Valley and UT San Antonio among UT institutions recognized for service to Hispanic students as demonstrated through data, evidence-based practices and leadership.



The logo for Alliance for Hispanic Serving Research Universities

The newly formed Alliance of Hispanic Service Research Universities (HSRU), made up of 20 universities – including UT Austin, UT El Paso, UT Rio Grande Valley and UT San Antonio – enrolled 766,718 students in the fall 2020, 33% of whom were Hispanic. HSRU’s goals are to both double Hispanic doctoral students enrolled and increase by 20% the Hispanic professoriate in participating universities by 2030.

No group is better positioned than we are to expand the pathway to opportunity and change the face of higher education in America – not just in one discipline, but in all disciplines. We believe we are stronger together than as individual institutions acting alone.

— UTEP President and Alliance Chair Heather Wilson

UT System Administration celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting some of our employees who share, among other things, the impact their heritage has had on them and their educational and career pursuits. Explore the staff perspectives.