UT MD Anderson celebrates one-year anniversary of Moon Shots Program

Just over a year ago, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center launched its Moon Shots Program to dramatically accelerate the pace of converting scientific discoveries into clinical advances that reduce cancer deaths. A live press conference on the progress will be broadcast at 10 am today.

MD Anderson will report on progress within programs, new platforms created to allow clinicians and scientists to work cross-functionally, and philanthropic efforts directed toward the program.

Following the press conference, a special session at 11:30 a.m. will demonstrate how MD Anderson, collaborating with IBM engineers and executives, is applying IBM Watson, a supercomputer with cognitive abilities, to build the Oncology Expert Advisor. This tool can analyze millions of pages of genomic and physiological patient data in seconds. This means that physicians will have access to extraordinary information and will be able to augment their extraordinary decision-making skills with the utmost technological data to develop the most refined personalized and targeted therapies, providing the best care for patients. Such a platform will also allow MD Anderson to spread its knowledge and practices around the globe where cancer care is needed most.