16 teams to compete for up to $100,000 in UT System Horizon Fund competition

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On May 2, sixteen student teams from 10 University of Texas System institutions will compete in the UT System Horizon Fund Student Investment Competition for up to $100,000 in seed funding. The teams will present their business plan and idea to a high-profile group of venture capitalists, investors and industry experts who will judge the entries and award a winner from one of two categories: Information Technology or Biomedical/Engineering. The winning team will be announced during an award reception at the end of the day.

"This event showcases and supports entrepreneurial students, medical residents and trainees from UT institutions,” said Bryan Allinson, executive director for UT System technology commercialization.

“Students from all 15 UT institutions had a chance to be considered for the competition, and the 16 finalists either won their campus investment competition or were selected through a rigorous at-large process. Although only one team will win the award, the opportunity to present to, network with and learn from renowned investors, advisors, mentors and industry experts will be invaluable as they continue their journey of entrepreneurial growth and success.”

The following 16 teams will compete in the UT System Horizon Fund Student Investment Competition:

Information Technology:

Connect5 (UT Arlington) is a platform that allows professionals to network with other professionals who share similar interests and skills through targeted offline micro-networking events.

E2 Home (UT Arlington) is a web and smartphone application to help homeowners and residents reduce energy-related costs.

Global Print Solution (UT Dallas) is an output data management software that performs automated formatting of a print file and streamlines various production tasks, such as archiving documents for retrieval and reprint.

Hoot.Me (UT Austin) is an educational question-and-answer platform designed to integrate with Facebook and LMS providers like Canvas. Students can get their questions answered from fellow classmates, so teachers can crowdsource help in big classes without losing control of the discussion.

Ludus (UT El Paso) is a collaborative, cloud‐based virtual project space designed to empower creative teams through the combination of structured and unstructured creative tools in an immense project space that stores, sorts and attributes intellectual capital in a new way.

Mobile Wellness Technologies (UT El Paso) is researching, developing and creating a line of products that monitor and improve personal wellness focusing on management of chronic conditions. A mobile evidence-based and user-friendly system to monitor stress levels and mental fatigue has been developed and is being tested.

RideScout (UT Austin) is a mobile application that shows users all of their ground transportation options on a single, intuitive platform.

YouPark (UT Dallas) is an automated parking management and security service run through a Radio Frequency Identification Device system that allows drivers to reserve parking through their smart phone.

Biomedical/ Engineering:

AdBm Technologies (UT Austin) has developed patented technology to significantly reduce underwater noise in the offshore oil and gas and pile driving industries.

American Water Recycling (UT El Paso) will enable industries to discharge safe, clean re-useable water using a process that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

BSX Athletics (UTHSC-Houston) has developed a state-of-the-art performance monitoring platform for endurance athletes. It is comprised of both hardware (BSX sensor) and software (mobile app) components, which together provide athletes with real-time physiologic monitoring.

CyberShark (UT El Paso) is a cyber and energy security training company that will teach utility companies how to establish sound cyber and energy security protocols and policies and how to expose vulnerabilities within their networks, in addition to providing valuable information on how to prevent their grids from being debilitated.

Lapara Medical, Inc., (UT San Antonio) offers a laparoscopic cooling system for life-saving tumor removal surgery for kidneys and kidney transplants. The system cools the kidney to prevent damage to the organ while reducing the risk of postoperative failure.

MyFiberPlex (UT Pan American) is a novel repair method for the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). This technology has recently emerged as a promising technique for tissue engineering due to its ability to produce fibers with differing porosities, surface area, fiber diameter and fiber alignment.

Seismos (UT Austin) is a diagnostics platform for real-time monitoring of underground reservoir flows in oil fields that does not shut down production. The technology services company targets CO2 EOR operators and provides a solution that that can help producers achieve increases in production that can span from 70 to 300 percent based on empirical field information.

Transformative Nanotechnology (UT Pan American) - has developed a technology that can produce a commercial source of super-fine single-digit micron/nano glass particles in a continuous process with production volume in the range of pounds per day. This technology is protected by one provisional patent application in use and one additional invention disclosure focused on the process.

Student exhibits will be open to the public from 8:00 a.m.-noon in Room 208 of  the UT System Ashbel Smith Hall, 201 West 7th Street.