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Chancellor’s Council Centurions

Chancellor’s Council Centurions

Chancellor’s Council Centurions

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A vision of a bright future for higher education, and the vitality of spirit to see it through: These are the hallmarks of the Centurions, a new and select group of young leaders acting as advocates for public higher education.

A Fresh Perspective on Today’s Challenges 

From every generation, a group of leaders emerges to bring a fresh perspective on the challenges of higher education that lie before us. The University of Texas System has established the Centurions program to capture that perspective and the energy behind it, for the benefit of the UT System in particular and public higher education in general.  

Members of the Centurions are young professionals who care deeply about the challenges and opportunities facing public higher education in Texas and are eager to address them in a meaningful way.

While there is no particular age requirement, the program’s focus is on young professionals between the ages of 23 and 35.

In the Tradition of Service   

Our Centurions are named for the extraordinary young commanders of the ancient Roman army. Known for their skill and courage, they often joined battles on the front lines, leading and inspiring by example.

Clay Allison

Eager to be of service, but not yet eligible for Chancellor’s Council Executive Committee membership, Clay Allison came up with the idea of a group dedicated to young professionals.

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