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Beneficiary Designation Form
Beneficiary Designation Form for Group Term Life (GTL) and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
About Online Beneficiary Management
Online Beneficiary Management makes naming your group life insurance beneficiaries quick and easy.
Accelerated Death Claim Form
Your Life Insurance policy allows you to apply for an accelerated benefit paid to you during your lifetime if you are determined to have a terminal illness. To apply, the Claim packet should be completed in full.
Death Claim Form
Life Portability Application
If your Insurance benefit terminates, you are eligible to continue your Voluntary Life, Voluntary Dependent Life coverage. You must apply for the continuation within 31 days of the date of termination of coverage.
Life Conversion Application
Upon becoming ineligible for group insurance, e.g., leaving employment, you may convert your Group Life Insurance coverage to an Individual Whole Life Insurance policy. This can be done regardless of your current health.
Portability and Conversion of Life Insurance
Portability When coverage ends due to termination of employment, Portability allows Active Employees and their dependents to continue the Voluntary Term Life coverage by remitting premium directly to Dearborn National. Portability is not…