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The mission of The University of Texas System is to provide high-quality educational opportunities for the enhancement of the human resources of Texas, the nation and the world through intellectual and personal growth. It is our responsibility and honor to continue to advance higher learning and the quality of life for every Texan, as the UT System has done for more than 130 years.

This comprehensive mission statement applies to the varied elements and complexities of a large group of academic and health institutions. Individually, these institutions have distinct missions, histories, cultures, goals, programs and challenges. Collectively, these institutions share a common vision and a fundamental commitment to enhance the lives of individuals and to advance a free society. Through one or more of its individual institutions, The University of Texas System seeks:

  • To provide superior, accessible, affordable instruction and learning opportunities to undergraduate, graduate and professional school students from a wide range of social, ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds, thereby preparing educated, productive citizens who can meet the rigorous challenges of an increasingly diverse society and an ever-changing global community;
  • To cultivate in students the ethical and moral values that are the basis of a humane social order;
  • To engage in high-quality, innovative research that entails the discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge;
  • To render service to the public that produces economic, technical, social, cultural, and educational benefits through interactions with individuals and with local, Texas, national, and international organizations and communities;
  • To provide excellent, affordable and compassionate patient care through hospitals and clinics that are of central importance to programs of teaching, scholarship, research and service associated with medicine and related health sciences;
  • To enrich and expand the appreciation and preservation of our civilization through the arts, scholarly endeavors and programs and events, which demonstrate the intellectual, physical and performance skills and accomplishments of individuals and groups;
  • To serve as a leader of higher education in Texas and to encourage the support and development of a superior, seamless system of education – from pre-kindergarten through advanced post-graduate programs, and encompassing life-long learning and continuing education.

To accomplish its mission, The University of Texas System must:

  • Attract and support serious and promising students from many cultures who are dedicated to the pursuit of broad, general educational experiences, in combination with the pursuit of areas of personal, professional or special interest;
  • Acquire, retain and nourish a high-quality, dedicated, diverse faculty of competence, distinction and uncompromising integrity;
  • Recruit and appropriately recognize exemplary administrators and staff members who provide leadership and support of the educational enterprise in an energetic, creative, caring and responsible manner.
  • Create and sustain physical environments that enhance and complement educational goals, including appropriate classrooms, libraries, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, computer and advanced technological facilities, as well as university centers, museums, performance facilities, athletic spaces, and other resources consistent with institutional objectives;
  • Encourage public and private-sector support of higher education through interaction and involvement with alumni, elected officials, civic, business, community and educational leaders and the general public.
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